Remembrance Day

This morning I headed over to Memorial Park where Remembrance Day ceremonies are held each year in our community. It is the site of Delta’s cenotaph with the names of those from the community lost in war. There was a good turn out in honour of all those who have fallen so we can enjoy the life we do today. The weather was cooperating and did not hinder the usual fly-by of vintage WWII aircraft from the Delta Heritage Air Park in Boundary Bay.

As the weather was not as bad as I was expecting, it was time for a walk after this. There were some actual blue patches and occasional sunshine when I arrived at Reifel. I started off my walk down the east dyke trail where I saw my first Northern Saw-whet Owl. Early November is when they usually start returning to this area and stay over the winter. No photos though, as this one was tucked away quite well which is usually the case.

The north dyke trail is still closed due to some repair work completed last month. So I made my way to the centre dyke via the inside trails, checking out the tower area on my way. While strolling along the centre dyke the wind all of a sudden started howling. It was blowing hard enough that branches were falling from the trees with one just missing me, but getting the tripod. It was like someone flipped a switch from calm to very strong gusts. The weather forecast was calling for it, I just expected it to build gradually.

While making my way back to the parking lot I noted lots of the waterfowl being blown around along with the leaves and everything else.


That provided my only photo of the day, this Mallard flying in to the wind.