Bewick’s + Great Horned

Not having found a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper amongst the Pectoral Sandpipers a few days ago at Boundary Bay, I was looking forward to helping out at Reifel this afternoon as one was spotted there yesterday. So I started my afternoon at the sanctuary by checking the outside ponds. On speaking with other birders who had been checking since the morning, the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper had not been relocated and I did not fare any better.

Having struck out there, I started making my way to the east dyke trail where a Great Horned Owl had been sighted earlier.

Bewick's Wren
Bewick’s Wren

Along the way a couple of Bewick’s Wren were flitting back and forth across the trail. One cooperated ever so briefly allowing me to get this photo.

On reaching the northeast corner the Great Horned Owl was roosting in an evergreen adjacent to the trail.

Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl

As they are a favourite of visitors, I had the camera set up allowing them close up views. A second Great Horned Owl flew in while there and landed in a tree along the inside grassy trail. So the owls ended up being the highlight of the day.